Why Buy Me a Coffee is best – on How to Get Donations Online (Earned 231$)

How to get donations online with Buy me a Coffee - buy me a coffee full review
How to get Donations online with Buy me a Coffee – Buy me a coffee Full review

If you are wondering how to monetize your youtube video, twitch streaming without ads, then you may consider reading this post about How to get donations online with Buy me a Coffee.

As a content creator, I have gone through in-depth and unbiased review. Because I have earned 231$ so far with Buy me a coffee in 2021. And most of them are my YouTube subscribers. So I am also a user of buy me a coffee, and this post is based on my own experience.

In this fast movement of youtube, Twitch, Facebook, etc., we have seen new sectors for content creators to explore and create content than make a living.

If they don’t make a living, then those sectors will be a source of gathering audience to their other brands. And we have seen some sweet and awesome moments where random viewers donate online in the live streams. You may see an animated banner where it shows the latest donation with the donator’s name and amount.

But using the traditional Paypal or Streamlabs donation taking system is not a good option for now because I got a friendly and practical way to get donations online, without seems pushy.

Well, I am talking about The Buy me a Coffee platform. It is an online donation system that allows content creators to receive donations from their viewers. But instead of asking for money, the creator or twitch live streaming will ask for Buy me a coffee. And each Coffee will have cost actual money, that is pre-set by you.

Are you getting the immediate difference between asking for money and asking for Coffee? It feels more friendly and welcoming. Most importantly, it welcomes the viewers or visitors to support the creator.

How does buy me a coffee works? It’s super simple!

Once you are done creating your Buy me a coffee page, setting up your payments method and other pieces of information, you are ready to take donations from your supporters. And the excellent part is, you don’t have to pay any monthly fee

More on how to set up Buy me a coffee, Payment methods availability, where and how to use, etc., later in this post.

How to get donations online with Buy me a Coffee in 2021

sign up to Buy me a coffee
Sign up to Buy me a coffee

How to setup Buy me a Coffee to take donations online?

Creating a Buy me a coffee page is super simple and straightforward. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to buymecoffee.com or by clicking here.
  2. Add your username and hit sign up
  3. Now, it will redirect you to the dashboard.
  4. From the dashboard, you can do all the stats and more.

Let’s set up a Buy me a coffee button for use in the twitch panel.

In the dashboard, scroll down, and you will see the options to create multiple options to share your buy me a coffee page and accept donations online in the sweetest way.

buy me a coffee dashboard
buy me a coffee dashboard
  1. The first option, “Link from your social bio and descriptions,”: is the easy and straightforward way to share your BMC page.
  2. Announce your page: It’s more of a shortcut with premade texts. When you click the button, it will have a premade text. In case if we choose Twitter, it will have “I’m on at buy me Coffee. If you like my work, you can buy me a coffee and share your thoughts 🎉☕ your link here.”
  3. The last one, “Integrations to take it to the next level,” is the ultimate and the easiest to add the button anywhere on the websites.

NOTE: Wondering how to Rank on YouTube faster in the practical tactics? You can open this Post in a new tab by clicking here

Steps to add Buy me a coffee button in WordPress Website

Select the website buttons, and it will pop up with more options. From there, you can edit the layout, text, and colors.

buy me a coffee button creation
BMC Modal Popup
BMC Modal Popup

Now click generate code, and then press copy code. After you get the code, you can now add the copied code as Custom HML if you are using WordPress. And that’s how simple to add a Buy me a Coffee button to your WordPress website.

Steps to Add Buy me a Coffee button in Twitch:

If you see Step 2 below, you will see there is an option to download the creator kit. This contains all the button images and logos. Choose the suitable button you like, then add that to your twitch panel.

BMC Creator Kit
BMC Creator Kit

How to add Buy me a coffee donation Alerts in the Stream

By going to the Stream alerts option under the “Integrations to take it to the next level” option. You can customize your alert with your brand colors and then copy the browser source link.

Then paste the link in as a browser source on your Streaming software (such as OBS Classic and Streamlabs OBS).

Buy me a coffe donation alert

Now when someone online donates you Coffee via buy me a coffee, the alert will pop up in Twitch or any live streaming platform.

Add payment methods in Buy me a coffee

Setup Paypal payment method:

Paypal is the fastest and quick way to receive the donated amount. When a buyer buy you a coffee or donate you, the money will be transferred instantly to your PayPal account.

Buy me a coffee paypal setup
Buy me a coffee paypal setup

To add PayPal to your buy me a coffee page:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Then select Payouts in the top tab.
  3. Choose the “Add another payout option” and choose Paypal. As I have already attached, it’s showing my PayPal attached.
  4. And give the necessary information, and you’re ready to accept donations online from your supporters via Buy me a Coffee.

Setup Payoneer payment method:

It’s a recent addition to Buy me a coffee, and they absolutely changed the way of taking donations from online supporters to more countries where PayPal is not supported. That’s the only reason why some creators previously chose Patreon because they pay via Payoneer.

But having the ability to get the payment on Payoneer is a game changes on buy me a coffee. But this comes with 1 issue. Your payment will not be immediate. You have to have to get a minimum of 50$ in your account. But, in my opinion, it’s not a big deal as well.

To add Payoneer, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Then select Payouts in the top tab menu.
  3. Choose the “Add another payout option” and choose Payoneer.
  4. And give the necessary information, and you’re ready to accept donations online from your supporters via Buy me a Coffee and get the money on your Payoneer.

Benefits of using Buy Me A Coffee for fund your content creation and online donations

As you have noticed, setting up a free buy me a coffee page is super simple. But what’s the benefit of using Buy me a Coffee instead of Direct Paypal.

The answer is simple!

Your supporter will donate to you because they love your content or your content helped them. And asking for a donation for helping is not a friendly and fantastic way. But if you ask them if they want, they can buy you a coffee.

Now for some people, it may be confusing, but this confusion can be fixed if you give them a Little notice like this “Buy me a coffee is just like donating via PayPal, but its just a friendly and sweet way to enable the option of getting donation.”

By doing that, your supporters will have a friendly and warm feeling. Besides this, they can have their name on the list of supporters. This also made them feel happy. You can take inspiration from 11hrscreator.com.

Did you notice?

How 11hrscretor listed the supporter’s name on a single page with the BMC button. You can also do similar things to your website or social profiles.

So there is actually no significant difference. But the slight difference in asking for support is enormous. It’s Bold, sweet, friendly, and more likely to be an optional matter.

Why should you use buy me a coffee instead of other donation platforms?

Now you may end up having these questions, why Buy me a Coffee, instead of Ko-Fi and Patreon?

Before saying anything to this point, I would love to say I have used both Kofi and Patreon by myself, and after doing testing, I have settled down with Buy me a coffee. If I say something about Patreon, there is nothing special it’s just another version of Youtube member. So I’m not fond of Patreon at all.

Kofi Home Page
Kofi Home Page

Why don’t I use Ko-Fi?

Ko-Fi and buy me a coffee are both the same thing. They don’t have that much of a difference. But there is a plus point of Ko-Fi. They don’t take any charge on the donations, where Buy me a coffee takes 5% on every donation you get.

After you hear this news, you will say, Ko-Fi is best because it doesn’t take any money.

But wait a min!

In Ko-fi, they have a monthly subscription of 6$. And some features will be locked in the Free feature. In the free version of Ko-fi, you will not be able to change the “Buy me a Coffee” text to different text like “Buy me a Pizza.” Also no option for changing colors and a Support Ko-fi badge on your Profile. No detailed analytics.

On top of that, you will get the ability to change the text, colors, detailed analytics in the free version of the Buy me a coffee, and they don’t have any paid method.

Now let me share a big plus point of BMC…

You can send email newsletters to your buy me coffee supporters, and it doesn’t cost you anything. This is super powerful and awesome, and that’s 85% of the reason I have moved to Buy me a coffee instead of ko-fi.

Having the ability to send tons of emails in 1 click is super powerful, and I get some instant views on my new post or youtube videos when I send them the link of my video.

I bet you will love this feature the most.

How much have I earned so far in Buy me a Coffee?

The Number I am about to show you is not huge because I don’t stream and promote my BMC page. I only use the link in my Video Description on the Enstant Man YouTube channel. But here is the Number.

My earnings on Buy me a Coffee
My earnings so far

But do you know what, whenever someone donated me as little as 3$, I felt so happy that I immediately replied to their comments with a sweet thanks.

Because this money is little for both of us, but this donation comes with tons of love and appreciation that any price tag can’t value.

And if you are wondering where I use the links and widgets?

I primarily use the link in my YouTube video descriptions, Instagram Bio, and the website donation page.

Tips for getting the most out of BMC as an Entrepreneur

If you are a small startup brand or simply writing blog post content on the internet, you can always buy me a coffee link and widgets on your website and social media. If you know how to add Custom HTML code on WordPress, you can use the widget in the Sidebar.

Or simply, you can install the official buy me a coffee WordPress plugin and then link to your account via email.

Alternatively, if you handle a Newsletter, you can add the link at the bottom of every email.

Tips for getting the most out of BMC as a Twitch Streamer

This is not a tip, but always try to reward your supporters with something special. Like you can gift them back a subscription of 1 month or a discount on your merch.

The ideal case will be to give a special badge to your discord servers. This may encourage your supporters.

Final Verdict

Here we are at the end of this post discussing how to get online donations with Buy me a Coffee. This excellent tool helped fund my motivation booster with my supporters.

As I have mentioned, the donation was always optional for me, but in the end, this plays an important role in my motivation. If you have not started using buy me a coffee till now, I think you should give that a try.

I have written this whole post with my own experience. None of the brands sponsored this post. But I do have the affiliate links for all the brands. Still, you can be sure this didn’t reflect the review at all.

Did you get your first donation still now, and if you have got the first donation, what was the total amount? Please let us know in the comment box to stay motivated.

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FAQs for “How to get donations online with Buy me a Coffee in 2021”

What payout methods do Buy me a Coffee accept?

Buy me a coffee supports PayPal, Payoneer, and Stripe.

Do Buy me a Coffee Supports Payoneer?

Yes, it supports Payoneer, and you can add your Payoneer account easily in the dashboard.

What is Buy me a Coffee?

Buy me a Coffee is a free platform where you can accept online donations from your supporters as content creators or streamers. It’s super easy to get started and doesn’t cost any monthly fee.

What is the minimum donation someone can make?

The minimum amount of a donation or is 1$ per Coffee.

How much time does it take to get money on your account?

The payment is immediate if you choose PayPal, but for Payoneer, you will need to wait until 50$

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. This means when you purchase via our link we will get a small commission but no extra cost to you. This helps us to maintain our bills and contents like this 🙂

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