Rank YouTube Video: How to rank youtube videos fast & easily in 2021

youtube SEO and how to rank youtube videos fast
YouTube SEO: How to rank youtube videos fast in 2021

If you have come up with these questions in mind, how to rank youtube videos, how to rank youtube videos fast, youtube video SEO, and more. Then this article will teach you the easy and practical way on How to SEO optimize a youtube video without using any paid tools and rank faster on youtube search results.

This article is based on my own experience, so its a no biased or copy-cat tutorial at all. By reading this post, you will get a higher chance to make your videos rank in keywords or search terms. When your videos rank in search terms, you will have a better chance of getting more views.

NOTE: I use this tactic on my own channel and got 144k+ views on 1 video, and most of my videos are ranking on multiple keywords.

Will I get views or Subscribers after this reading Post?

You may get both. Because if you can rank higher in search results and have a solid Thumbnail and title, you will get views. And if that content has offered value to that youtube viewer, that viewer may subscribe to your channel.

So, you will get both Views and Subscribers after reading this Post carefully and applying them in the real world.

What is the easy meaning of YouTube SEO?

Before talking about YouTube SEO, let me tell you the full form of SEO. And Rank youtube videos fast depends on SEO. (70% Depends)

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimizations. It’s a method where differents search engines like, google, bing, yahoo, youtube, etc., learn about your contents and index them in the search results. When a visitor looks for those search terms, the search engines analyze the visitor search query and your indexed contents and then show the best results to the visitors.

Now let’s talk about YouTube SEO. This is the process of optimizing your videos with keywords so that they rank higher on YouTube search engine results pages. YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine.

And in this huge platform, you will not be the first person to make a video on a topic. Also, you need to teach or tell youtube what your video is all about. What you are talking about in your youtube video.

When youtube gets a better understanding of your video, it will be able to show your videos to search terms that match your video contents.
This is the place where YouTube Video SEO or YouTube SEO matters. The more SEO optimized video you have, the better youtube will understand your video.

Behind the scenes of YouTube video ranking: What things matter the most?

Ranking a youtube video faster is not as easy as downloading a freebie from 11hrsCreator. It takes time and lots of research. But to do that research, you need to learn the things or at least know which things you should consider learning for ranking your youtube videos.

The critical ingredients of youtube video SEO are a good title, description, and a catchy thumbnail.

You may say why I have skipped Keywords? Even I am too. But recently, Google has clearly said that keywords don’t play a vital role in youtube video ranking in search results.

But wait!

It would help if you had the keywords or tags in the title, description box, and in the content itself. So, it would be best to have tags to put in the title and descriptions.

When you upload a video on youtube, Youtube analyses the video file name, voice & words in that video, captions, title, descriptions, tags. So that youtube can get a better idea of what you are actually uploading.

Isn’t the behind the scene is super simple? Then let’s jump to the important and practical ways to rank your youtube videos faster.

Free tools I use to SEO optimize my youtube videos (No trial or credit card needed)

Alright, now let’s talk about the sites and tools I will be using today, and I use personally to grow my channel and achieve 144k+ views in this 1 video, also helps me to rank youtube videos fast.

ranking tips to rank youtube videos as a youtuber

Tubebuddy: This free browser extension is my primary tool to research keywords, raking difficulties, analyze my competitor, analyze my competition’s growth vs. my growth, and keywords suggestions with the rank tracker. This tool is the best tool for every YouTubers content creation.

It’s a browser extension and can be run with chrome, brave, opera, and other browsers as well. Download tubebuddy here.

*You can also check out the Full review on TubeBuddy and detailed informations in the tools come with Tubebuddy by clicking here

Grammarly: For writing my video descriptions and the description, titles. It automatically detects grammatical & punctuation errors. Also, I can set a writing tone (example: excited, professional), and it suggests me synonyms or extra phrases to match the writing tone.

Highly recommended for every content creators, not just YouTubers. Download Grammarly here

Question Explorer by H-super toolsTo brainstorm and get content ideas, I use this tool to see what people are searching on youtube as well as on google. From there, I can make a detailed topic from those questions.

Perfect YouTube Keyword Research process

Researching for keywords or tags is not easy work. It’s time consuming and frustrating. But by using these simple steps and tools, the process will be much more straightforward and will consume less time.

keyoword research for ranking youtube videos fast

Step 01: First of all, decide what topic you will cover. You can quickly open youtube and google in a new incognito window. Then just simple search different terms related to your niche.

And when you get some rough idea from the google and youtube autocomplete suggestions, then gather some more questions from hsupertools questions explorer.

Step 02: After gathering a sweet 10-13 Search terms and questions, now open up your Youtube in a normal browser (not incognito mode) and enable your TubeBuddy extension.

Search all of the questions and search terms one by one in the youtube search box. And open the first 3-5 videos in a new tab. Now, when you watch their videos, you will see a new panel appears on the right-hand side.

Step 03: In the right hand panel, you will find a section named tags at the bottom. Now, if you click the Show search ranking, it will show numbers beside the tags. The number represents the search positions of that video on that tags.

Step 04: Now, click the tags, and it will open a new popup, from where you can see the search traffic and ranking difficulties. Try to choose only those tags that give you a Medium to easy ranking difficulties score.

You can also see related tags by selecting the related tags section in that popup panel.

Step 05: When you get 13-19 keywords and have done the research, now select 3 keywords as your main keyword and the remaining keywords as the supporting keywords.

Once done, let’s move to the next part.

YouTube SEO optimized Video Title, Description that youtube and viewers love

You have the main keywords, right? Let’s start writing the title & description in Grammarly. Make sure you follow the tips for each section (Sections refers to Title and Description)

Write an SEO optimized YouTube Video Title:

Try to add the main keyword at the beginning of the title, or you can add that after 2 or 3 words later. I recommend placing it first, but if there are any power words in the title, you can place the keyword after 2,3 words later.

Power words: Power words refer to those words that make someone click on your content. For example, ” 3 easy ways to rank your YouTube video faster” – in this example, the power word is easy. Another example will be “Free tool to get more views on youtube video” – Here, the power word is Free.

Now, add a numeric word to make the title more clickable. The go-to method will be adding the Latest Year or Top 5, 9, 11 for the list type of videos.

Write an SEO optimized YouTube Video description:

Once the title is done, you need to focus on your description. Once again, try to add your main 2 keywords at the first line of the description box. But also, most importantly, try to make the first 150 words eye catching and put as much information as you can.

But why 150 words?

Because when you scroll through the youtube video list, you will see a little sneak peek of that video description. YouTube shows the first 150 words (according to different devices), and if someone can get some initial idea of that video topic, it is more likely to get clicked.

At last, add all the selected keywords in a meaningful way in the descriptions box. Try to add as many synonyms of those keywords. Don’t add keywords like a BIOT. Try to keep it human-like.

Upload a custom made youtube video thumbnail

Now, let’s move to the visual parts when you are done with all the writing things. In order to get views on your youtube videos, a good thumbnail plays an important role because this is the first thing a viewer will see before the title and description.

Try to keep your thumbnail as information as possible but keep it straightforward and less cluttered.

Don’t use paragraph text here and there. Make a solid call to action and add that in the thumbnail. Also, be awesome while choosing the colors and fonts.

You can easily create high quality thumbnails from canva free accounts. But if you are serious and ready to invest some money in your channel, 

YouTube thumbnail-services on Fiverr

Custom Design (Best Option): You can go to Fiverr and find a custom youtube thumbnail designer. They will make your thumbnail completely custom made, and it will also increase the channel aesthetics.

*you will get an extra 10% off on your first order at Fiverr if you sign up through my link by clicking here

Tips to have a strong thumbnail:

  • Picture of actual human (Optional)
  • Maximum of 9 Words
  • Use bold colors but for highlighted text
  • Yellow color is a good color for a focusing youtube thumbnail
  • Use Arrow to direct the viewer’s eyes to the important object in the thumbnail.

Create few playlists

Playlists are super helpful to get views on autopilot. Try to find out a few important categories of your videos, then make a playlist on those topics. When you add more and more videos, you can share the entire playlist link to your social media or friends instead of 1 or 2 single video links.

It will help that viewer find out more videos of yours, giving your other videos extra views.

PRO TIPS: You can add a playlist link on Facebook or google ads. So when people click that link, they will end up seeing more videos than a single video.

So, try to make a super bold and specific playlist and start to promote the link in social media as well as in the youtube description box.

THE VLC method of the youtube video description

This is a super powerful tactic to get more views. Remember, the more views your video gets, the ranking chances boost more.

The VLC method is my own named method that I follow in my videos.

VLC stands for Video Link Cycling. Meaning making a shortlist of my top-performing videos and adding the video list links in all of my video description boxes. By doing that, all those videos will move in a specific manner.

When all the videos in that list are similar to one another or related to one another, a viewer may be seeing all the videos by discovering the links in all the videos.

I know it’s not an epic thing. Most youtube does that but giving this a name keeps my mind awake to do this.

Make the YouTube Video Card the view machine

You should not underestimate that Video info card popup in the top right corner. You can add video and playlist on that card.

Remember what I have told you in the playlist sections. Make some solid playlists and promote them! You can promote those playlist in the i cards as well.

By doing that, the viewers can also see the related videos very quickly. But make sure you tell your viewers to watch the videos later or after finishing the current video.

Because once they click that video, they will be gone away from your current video. And this may cause lower audience retention time.

Add CTA in the YouTube video End Screen

I think you know that is the YouTube End screen. The other name of these elements is the Youtube outro. This is the wrapper of the videos. But if you put a strong CTA or Call t Action tho the end screen, it will bring up more views to your other videos as well as subscribers.

Try to put a separate piece of information, and the complete information can be found by clicking one of those videos that are shown on the End Screen.

TRY THIS: If you want to have a nice, clean animated YouTube End Screen with editable options, you can check this Clean YouTube End Screen and it cost only 11$. ==> Click here to download

Promote your youtube videos like a YouTuber, instead of a BS promoter

Promote your youtube videos like a PRO!

Please don’t feel bad if I have gone too harsh with this heading. But it’s sad to see people just kept promoting their youtube video links in different groups. I am guilty of doing this earlier.

But why do you make a video as a YouTuber? Most of the time, you make youtube videos to solve problems. But you may have an objective of these videos.

Try to contribute to the group before posting your videos. Please give them a reason to click that link and watch your video. Just copying and pasting your links to the groups will not get you views, and most of the time, the admins will not approve the Post at all.

You can also not add the link at all. Instead, you can ask them a problem that is related to your videos. and ask them if they want the solutions. Then give the solution and the video links in that post descriptions box.

By applying these methods, your Post will get approved, and you will get some natural persons who will end up watching your full videos because they asked for your solution in the comment.

Final Verdict

Here we are at the end of this post about How to rank youtube videos fast in 2021. Ranking youtube videos faster is not an overnight thing. It would be best to keep researching and getting feedback from your existing viewers and subscribers.

The most important thing is to make sure you follow consistent and excellent quality content. Today-Tomorrow, if your videos get rankings and the viewers see a terrible quality in your videos, they will not see your other videos. Then no matter how Great your new videos are.

Always keep patience and do what you love. Success will come over one day. I hope this post was helpful to you. If it was, please share them with your youtube friends. Best of luck for rank youtube videos fast in 2021.

Please let us know, What your subscriber number is and how long it took to get your first 100 SUbscribers in the comment box below.

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FAQs on “How to rank youtube videos fast in 2021”

How do you rank youtube videos fast in 2021?

There are lots of different ranking factors but the primary ones would be engagement (watching time, click through rate) and dwell time (time spent on the page) for videos.

But the sweet spot will be well written title, decsrioptn and eye catching thumbnail. You can check th blog post for more detaield info on How do you rank youtube videos fast in 2021?

Will I get banned for ranking youtube videos fast in 2021?

No, you will not get. But!
If you try to play witht Google and do bad practices like buying views, siubscribers then you may be punished by google. On top of that bot views or subscribers will never engage with your contents and that can also send a bad sognal to youtube alogithm.
*Also YouTube algoright is more advanced than we think, so why taking the risk.

How do I optimize a youtube video for rankings?

If I give the answer in simple words than it will be:
1- Keyowrds in Title
2- Keywords in Description box. Using similar keyowrds or related keywords will be best for your youtube video viewere as well as youtube algorthm.
3- Naming and adding keyowrd in Actual Vidceo file and thiuimbnail
4- Adding Subtitles
5- Building Email Newsltetter, to promote your videos to the subscribers.

Should I use keyword in Title on YouTube Video?

Yes, Defenately. It’s a must thiug. You should atleast keep your main keyword 1-2 times in the title.

Best free tools to do keyowrd research

Tubebuddy: This free browser extension is my primary tool to research keywords, raking difficulties, analyze my competitor, analyze my competition’s growth vs. my growth, and keywords suggestions with the rank tracker.

This tool is the best tool for every YouTubers content creation.
It’s a browser extension and can be run with chrome, brave, opera, and other browsers as well.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. This means when you purchase via our link we will get a small commission but no extra cost to you. This helps us to maintain our bills and contents like this 🙂

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